TD Jakes Sermons – When God Smells Honor

In the name of Jesus Christ, May this sermon bring joy to your life , checkout TD Jakes Sermons titled When God Smells Honor , is also available for printing in PDF format.

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Summary: TD Jakes Sermons – When God Smells Honor


Be a person of peace.
lack of peace create pain and pain lead to destruction. The key to peace is peace not war. The winners of war are never satisfied because relationship is lost in the process of winning a war.

No nation can prosper without peace. No man or woman can enjoy their relationship without peace. Children are happiest in a home where there is peace.

The Bible says that Jesus is the Prince of Peace. He spoke the peace on His heart into the storm and the storm obeyed. When you have Jesus, you have peace, yes! that peace that passes all understanding.

Wherever there is peace, someone is paying the price. Blessed are the peace makers for the shall be called the children of God. Peace makers are God’s children. You don’t have to fight back, you don’t have to reply, calm down and pay that price for peace because you are a child of God. KDG

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