TD Jakes Sermon – The Transplant

Stay motivated with this video of TD Jakes Sermon titled “The Transplant” is available on written notes , PDF , MP3 Audio Download , MP4 Video and free PODCAST , request your wanted format below.

Name Of Preacher: Bishop TD Jakes
Sermon Topic: The Transplant
Date Of Publication: November 21 2020
Ministry: TD Jakes Ministry
Church: The Potter’s House Church

Watch Video: TD Jakes Sermon – The Transplant


What is a mistake? It is an act or judgment that is wrong. We wake up in the morning determined to get it right. Before we know it, we have missed the mark. Making a mistake is not the issue but how we handle it matters. For instance, the issue of COVID-19 is a mistake. However, how we are handling it has led us to where we are today. Where are we today? We are surrounded by uncertainty – the twists and turns of life. Economic oppression – poverty everywhere. Physical oppression – sickness, disease everywhere; fear and panic everywhere.

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