TD Jakes Sermon – The Power of an Instrument

Stay motivated with this video of TD Jakes Sermon titled “The Power of an Instrument” is available on written notes , PDF , MP3 Audio Download , MP4 Video and free PODCAST , request your wanted format below.

Name Of Preacher: Bishop TD Jakes
Sermon Topic: The Power of an Instrument
Date Of Publication: November 21 2020
Ministry: TD Jakes Ministry
Church: The Potter’s House Church

Watch Video: TD Jakes Sermon – The Power of an Instrument

Greatness means transcending social norms. It means letting go of what other people think we can or can’t achieve. Remember that it’s not your business what others think about you. Therefore, to be Grateful, you must trust your dream: Greatness comes in many sizes. Greatness means that you become fully yourself and transcend your doubts and perceived limitations. Greatness doesn’t mean that you need to do huge things. It means that whatever you do, you pour into it your complete being. As you appreciate God, your shame shall be turned to glory!

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