TD Jakes Sermons On Faith (November 22 2020)

Be inspired with this video of TD Jakes Sermon on “Faith ” shared on November 22 2020 , is available on written notes , PDF , MP3 Audio Download , MP4 Video and free PODCAST , stay motivated as you request for your wanted format below.

Name Of Preacher: Bishop TD Jakes
Sermon Topic: Sermon On Faith
Date Of Publication: November 22 2020
Ministry: TD Jakes Ministry
Church: The Potter’s House Church

Watch Video: TD Jakes Sermons On Faith (November 22 2020)

“The Word is not complete without the Spirit and the Spirit is not complete without the Word. The Spirit will be released to the degree we stand in reverence to His Word. This is why Jesus said in John 6:63, “The Words I have spoken to you are Spirit and life”. God’s Word refreshes our mind and His Spirit renews our strength. God and His Word are one. The Word is always now. One Word may speak today and another tomorrow, but God sent each of them straight into our lives. So, go into your reading with a clean slate. The Holy Bible is a book that reads us, even as we read it. The more you read, the more you understand about yourself and this God who created you. Jesus is the Word, the Living Word, and the Word is a living thing – not in the book, not on the written page, but in the lips of the believer. The Word is our contact with God. It is God’s contact with us; it is God’s link to us. God speaks to us through His Word, by His Spirit. We are converted by the Word. The Word imparts to us eternal life.”

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