TD Jakes Sermons – Ripped for a Reason

This sermon will get your motivated , the PDF of this sermon is now available , TD Jakes Sermons – Ripped for a Reason is for all , watch and share.

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Summary: TD Jakes Sermons – Ripped for a Reason

They say while running a race to never look back because turning your head disrupts your pace and you’ll lose sight of the road ahead of you. Same theory goes with life, while racing to your goals, your pace means everything so don’t lose it due to noises behind you. Understand that if you are pursuing something great there will always be chatter to question your mission but keep in mind most critics are too afraid to jump so how can they be qualified ascension experts? Their position tells you where they rightfully belong, behind you. Stop turning around to address mess, keep your eyes forward to see the doors God is opening up for you.

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