TD Jakes Sermon – Raiders of The Lost Ark

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Name Of Preacher: Bishop TD Jakes
Sermon Topic: Raiders of The Lost Ark
Date Of Publication: November 21 2020
Ministry: TD Jakes Ministry
Church: The Potter’s House Church

Watch Video: TD Jakes Sermon – Raiders of The Lost Ark

“A good Christian should refuse to be offended in order not to offend God. When we feel offended, we use our tongues out of bitterness, hatred and anger to crush a close friendship, to split our churches, to shatter our marriages, to crumble families and tear them apart. Offence is an instrument used by satan to blind us from reality. Therefore, to get out of your dry pit, you must let go of offence.”

Forgiveness is so important that the master included in the prayers we must pray daily “And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.” Matthew 6:12. This scripture says, you are not permitted to be forgiven by God when you have not forgiven those who trespassed against you. Therefore, unforgiveness is the reason why most Prayers are unanswered; it is the reason why situations and circumstances have not allowed you a passage to your unending laughter and greatness. I pray for you, as you forgive others, whatever you have lost due to unforgiveness shall be given back to you in double fold.

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