TD Jakes Sermons – No More Drama

This sermon will spice your life up and make you a better one , TD Jakes Sermons titled “No More Drama” is also available in Video and PDF printable file below.

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Summary: TD Jakes Sermons – No More Drama

One mistake you should never make in life, is to allow yourself to be recruited by someone, to hate another person who hasn’t wronged you.

Hear this: “ We must avoid taking hasty conclusion because of what others are saying about someone else..”

What people say about others, says a lot about them. I am repeating this more directly: The things you say about others, says a lot about you! I can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to see in others.

CHARACTER ASSASSINATION is a pervasive and destructive phenomenon that is found everywhere.

CHARACTER ASSASSINATION is the deliberate, malicious, unjustified and sustained effort to damage the reputation or credibility of an individual.

CHARACTER ASSASSINATION is the slandering of a person usually with the intention of destroying public confidence in that person.

CHARACTER ASSASSINATION is the act of lowering one’s character in a bid to ruin the character of others.
There are people that take maximum delight in ruining other’s reputation. These set of people have what I will like to call ‘Destructive Tendencies’. They oil their own ego by pulling other people down. PhD(pull him down).

False allegations are the most chronic form of mental abuse. When people can’t kill your dreams and purpose, they will try to assassinate your character.

There are some people that your spirit will always irritate their demons! Once they realize hating isn’t working they start telling and spreading lies about you. People are assassinated once but ‘Character Assassination’ kills daily!

Character assassination is a form of emotional violence against others.

Someone once said, “A friend of my enemy is my enemy.” One of the things that hinders us from living a fulfillin. By Gbenga Adebambo. KDG

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