TD Jakes Sermon – Know Your Role

This motivational video of TD Jakes Sermon titled “Know Your Role” is available on written notes , PDF , MP3 Audio Download , MP4 Video and free PODCAST , stay happy and seek for your own format below.

Name Of Preacher: Bishop TD Jakes
Sermon Topic: Know Your Role
Date Of Publication: November 21 2020
Ministry: TD Jakes Ministry
Church: The Potter’s House Church

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Understand that history is just that, history. Stop holding on to your problem just because you have history with it. If things are falling apart at the seams that might be your sign that it’s time to evacuate before danger reaches a high point. How can God rescue you from your situation if you refuse to break the attachment with it? The first stage of recovering is to distance yourself from the problem even if you’re feeling out there by yourself. Realize that God is patient and will wait until you’re completely ready to remove yourself from the situation before bringing you out. Stop going down with the sinking ship because you’re afraid to lose the memories being shipwrecked. If God is willing to rescue you that’s more than enough evidence that where He’s about to take you is paradise compared to what you’re holding onto.

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