TD Jakes Sermons – It’s Up to You

Listen to TD Jakes Sermons – It’s Up to You , note that the printable and readable PDF file for this sermon is now available , we are working to make the Audio also available.

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Summary: TD Jakes Sermons – It’s Up to You

Remember the enemy was defeated since the day Jesus gave his life. The power to overcome the enemy lives within you. Sometimes the enemy attacks the mind and body. He wants you to fall from faith so you can lose your salvation. He wants to drag you to his evil level. You don’t have to listen to him. You can decide to not focus on these troubles but focus on God. You can decide to focus on positivity and not negativity. You can decide to say no to the devil. Tell him that God is your refuge and shield. Tell him that you are a child of God. That no weapon will prosper against you.
That your soul belongs to Christ not to Satan. Tell him you may try to harm your mind. Try to harm your body, but he can’t have your soul. Keep your faith in God and you will overcome the enemy.

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