TD Jakes Sermons – It’s All About The Stones

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Summary: TD Jakes Sermons – It’s All About The Stones


It is used to describe forbidden books or other information to which access is restricted or deprecated for political or religious reasons.

As a human being, it is not everything that you should know. Someone knowledge can change you forever for good or for bad, some knowledge can even kill you.

The reason why some people cannot serve God and surrender to Him completely is because they know too much, infact they are very wise in their own eyes. These people even know the Bible more than God Himself. These people will argue on everything and on anything yet if you look closely into their lives, emm! They are either poor or alone and unhappy.

Be an obedient child of God, just do what the Bible says. You will never get all the answers about life and you cannot live long enough to figure out all the lies your great grandpa told your grandma best friend’s sister the night you were born. You see? Just follow God like a child and obey His Words. KDG

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