TD Jakes Sermons – God of a Little Bit

Listen to one of the TD Jakes Sermons titled “God of a Little Bit” , we know you may love to read the printable PDF file of this sermon , kindly check below and proceed.

Summary: TD Jakes Sermons – Mommas, Mentors, And Moments

Summary: TD Jakes Sermons – God of a Little Bit


Arise, today is your day. The power to succeed is upon you, wherever you have been rejected in the past doesn’t matter, go back there and you will be surprised because you will be celebrated.

Don’t give up. Wherever you have failed, give it one more try and you will succeed even with a little effort this time. A mango tree will not struggle to bear fruits in its season. This is your season and today is your day. KDG

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