TD Jakes Sermons – Gleanings From the Well

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Summary: TD Jakes Sermons – Gleanings From the Well


Any bad habit you don’t take care of now, will one day publicly disgrace you, especially things done in secret places.

Sexual immorality is the virus that is constantly making alot of people not to progress in their spiritual journey with God. They keep repeating classes because they are now comfortable with the word ‘Jesus forgive me’

If you are a man be careful of the things you look at or focus on. Job said I have made a covenant with my eyes. If you are a woman be careful of the things you hear and pay attention to.

Have self control, hold yourself don’t worry abstaining won’t kill you. Don’t throw away your future for a five minute pleasure (anyways, most men can’t even stay that long these days )

Mind the movies you see, mind the music you listen to. Most musical channels and videos promote audio-visual sexual expression. Create more time to pray and worship God. Mind the friends you keep. KDG

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