TD Jakes Sermons – El Roi: God Sees Me

You can now watch the of one of TD Jakes Sermons titled El Roi: God Sees Me , you can also read the PDF of this sermons shared below.

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Summary: TD Jakes Sermons – El Roi: God Sees Me

The message below was shared by a Motivational Speaker , read.


The night I got delivered from the spirit of masturbation, I fell into a trance and I saw a big snake leaving my body.

It was revealed that the spirit entered me from the pornographic pictures and films I have been watching secretly.

Since my deliverance, my life is changed completely. I have been experiencing success and favour in everything I do.

Not so long I have a house and a car of my own and my businesses are growing everyday.

What is 5 minutes pleasure compared to your destiny? All forms of sexual pervasion and immorality will slow you down spiritually. It will affect your prayer life. It will make you to start struggling with everything you do. This is the truth and it is worth sharing. KDG

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