TD Jakes Sermons – Divine Immigration

While you enjoy TD Jakes Sermons on Divine Immigration , note that you can now read this sermon or print it as PDF using the embedded file below.

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Summary: TD Jakes Sermons – Divine Immigration

No matter how great the burden. No matter how great the struggle. No matter how great the affliction. Cast your burden on the Lord. When we are at our wits end we need to move our focus towards God. We need to give him praise through every bad situation and shift our mindset to see the blessings all around us in life.

The main blessing of course is life itself. God out of the love of his heart sustains the universe around us. If he so wishes he could stop. Then everything and all life would stop existing. When we find ourselves in a tough challenge in life we need to remember, the same power that created the universe lives within each believer. We need to draw on God’s power through the holy spirit and we can overcome any challenge we face.

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