TD Jakes Sermons – Bad Can’t Stop You from Better

May God open more doors for you as you listen to one of these TD Jakes Sermons titled “Bad Can’t Stop You from Better” , the PDF of this sermons is also shared below.

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Summary: TD Jakes Sermons – Bad Can’t Stop You from Better


What are you grateful to God for today? Thanks giving is how you approach God. Have you said ‘Thank you’ today?
Some of the things you have and are taken for granted are things some people are fasting and praying to get.

There are some things money cannot buy like healthy sleep, genuine love for your spouse and children, life and family. Be grateful.

Each time you cry for new shoes please remember those without legs.

Let the gratefulness begins from your heart, up to your mouth and then, show it physically by the things you do.
Have a grateful heart today. KDG

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