TD Jakes Sermons – Arrest Him

This sermon will motivate you and get you back at your feet , listen to TD Jakes Sermons titled “Arrest Him” , if you need the PDF of this sermon kindly check below.

This video of this sermon is not available , watch the one below.

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Summary: TD Jakes Sermons – Arrest Him

If everything that has happened this year only brought you closer to God, then you should rejoice because you’ve gained more than you ever lost. Even though we entered this year asking to see everything on the outside clearly, but what if God wanted us to draw closer to Him, see ourselves/work on the inside and see Him work the rest out for our good? I’m a firm believer that this year was one of the most purposeful years we’ve ever encountered and if you don’t leave it with anything, leave it seeing the evidence of Him in your life more than ever. Don’t get so caught up in all the drama that you miss God in this moment because in our next moments the appearance of God in our lives will be vital on every level. Continue to get the good out of this year by getting closer to God.

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